Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Testing with Side Mirrors, 2 Lights on Front Bumper & 4-Wheel Steering

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 19, 2021

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Testing with Side Mirrors, 2 Lights on Front Bumper & 4-Wheel Steering

Image: Flavio/Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck was spotted testing in California. The electric pickup truck had side mirrors, which, according to Elon Musk, could be easily removed after purchase by owners.

Tesla continues to prepare Cybertruck for production, which has been pushed back to next year due to ongoing global problems with the lack of automotive components and logistics. While the dimensions and general shape of the pickup will be the same as when it was introduced in 2019, some details will be changed. One such change will be the lack of door handles, which was revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk this spring. However, there seems to be something else that was previously unknown.

Bernard Maltais/YouTube posted a video of Cybertruck, although it was filmed by Jesse Sandoval and given to Drive Tesla Canada. According to Sandoval, the video was taken at the Castle Airport in Atwater, California. While the video quality is very low, an observant viewer will be able to see some design changes in Cybertruck. The point is that the pickup truck has side mirrors, which were not there in the original design. Although there will always be people who will like this change, some Cybertruck fans have considered it an unnecessary addition, as it spoils the car's appearance.

Twitter user @adamhoov expressed his opinion that he was not ok with the side mirrors on the electric pickup truck, to which he received a response from Musk. According to the head of Tesla, a manufacturer cannot start production of a car if it does not have side mirrors, as this does not comply with the requirements of the law, so the Cybertruck will be produced with side mirrors. However, he also clarified that this will not be a problem for those who really do not need them, as the company will design the car so that the side mirrors can be easily removed by the owners themselves. In addition, two lights have been added to the front bumper to also comply with regulatory requirements.

The video also demonstrated that Cybertruck has more agility than would be expected from a vehicle of its size. Thanks to this observation, there were assumptions that this prototype received some of the changes that Musk had previously talked about. In the summer of 2021, he tweeted that Cybertruck will have 4-wheel steering, for tight turns, to maneuver with high agility.

4-wheel steering technology has long been used in sports cars to make the vehicle as dynamic as possible. When steering with all four wheels, the rear wheels are mainly used to increase the maneuverability and stability of the vehicle, depending on the speed and steering angle. The idea is that when the driver turns the steering wheel, the rear wheels also turn slightly, with the small steering angle at the rear being the result of a relationship with the angle initiated from the front.

These systems turn the wheels depending on the speed of the vehicle. For example, at low speeds, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels. This allows the vehicle to reduce its turning radius, by simulating the wheelbase decreasing in length. At the same time, at high speed, the rear wheels turn slightly in the same direction as the front wheels. This makes the car more stable when cornering at high speed by distributing the cornering forces that are normally transmitted to the front wheels.

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