Tesla Is Best-Selling Overseas EV Brand in China for September, Dominating Sales of All Competitors Combined

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 19, 2021

Tesla Is Best-Selling Overseas EV Brand in China for September, Dominating Sales of All Competitors Combined

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The history of Tesla's development in China is truly unique and perfectly demonstrates the excellent symbiosis of the relationship between the manufacturer and the government. The company's vehicles continue to flood China and countries around the world, greatly assisting in the move towards carbon neutrality. Tesla became the best-selling foreign EV brand in China in September, significantly surpassing the cumulative sales of all other competitors in the NEV market, which also includes PHEV cars.

Despite the fears of some investors and analysts who ignore information about the company's operating model, Tesla has an excellent sales record in China. In September, the company sold 52,153 Model 3 and Model Y domestically, making the manufacturer the best-selling foreign brand in the world's largest automotive market.

Of the 52,153 vehicles sold, Model Y sales totaled an impressive 33,033 units and Model 3 sales were 19,120 units. The electric SUV became the best-selling EV produced by a foreign brand in September, significantly surpassing even the combined sales of all EVs except Model 3. Thus, the leaderboard is as follows:

In addition to outstanding successes among foreign manufacturers, Tesla cars also shined  very well in the overall rating, among all NEV manufacturers in China. Among the models that can really compete with Tesla cars, there are only cars from BYD.

In September, Wuling Hongguang Mini was ranked #1 among NEV manufacturers with 35,169 registrations. It should be kept in mind that the car is in a completely different price segment (about $4,500), yet only slightly bypassed the Model Y, which costs more than $43,000. In second place is Model Y with 33,033 registrations. Third place belongs to Model 3 with 19,120 registrations. The fourth, fifth, and sixth places were taken by BYD Qin DM-i with 15,164 units, BYD Song DM with 10,278 units, and BYD Qin + EV with 8,396 units, respectively.

Tesla's arrival in China significantly changed the car market and transformed the EV market. Before the manufacturer built its factory there, local manufacturers did not produce good and competitive EVs, which, among other things, were of low quality. After Tesla began to capture the lion's share of the market, the whole area underwent a transformation, and now EVs have begun to actively develop in China.

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