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Tesla Cybertruck Terafactory Texas Construction Switches on Plaid Mode

Tesla Cybertruck Terafactory Texas Construction Switches on Plaid Mode

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The construction speed of Giga Texas is gaining momentum. Much of the Phase 1 area is already in development, and existing structures are increasing in size every day. Large quantities of building materials and new cranes continue to arrive at the construction site to assemble the buildings.

The steel structure that stretches from north to center has grown significantly over the past five days. During this time, nine more sections were added to the 17 sections already on the first floor, which now makes 26. 12 more were added to the 14 sections on the second floor, making 26, nine of which already have a roof covering. There are even more floor slabs on the second floor, indicating that the building in this section will be at least three stories high. Also in the southern part, the beginning of the expansion of the structure is noticeable.

The installation of footings in the west-central part of the site continues. At this point there are more than a thousand of them, and their construction continues. In the western part, the construction of a new steel structure noticed five days ago, is also continuing. The foundation for the wall is being poured along the western edge. At the moment, most of the length has already been filled with cement.

The installation of supports continues in the central-eastern part. Excavation of ground is being carried out along the eastern edge to fill the foundation, just as was done from the western edge.

Construction of the huge foundations at the site of the major excavation continues at a rapid pace. The western half of the foundation is already completely backfilled with soil. Strengthening with metal reinforcement and cement continues from its northern part. Backfilling also began on the east side.

In the southeastern corner, at the very bottom edge, a lot of massive reinforced concrete supports have been installed, which have already appeared on the western side of the large pit. Reinforced concrete slabs were installed on them, which formed a large and solid roof in six sections.

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