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Tesla Cybertruck Texas Terafactory Is So Huge You Need a Microscope to See Workers

Tesla Cybertruck Texas Terafactory Is So Huge You Need a Microscope to See Workers

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The construction progress of Tesla Giga Texas continues to impress, and in just a few days after the last observations, the structures have become even more massive. They are so majestic and large that people are almost invisible in their background, and it takes some effort to see them.

The steel structure stretching from the center to the north has grown significantly over the past four days. Its northern part has already fully reached the edge and continues to form the frame for the wall of the Phase 1 building. Several more sections have been added during this time. On its western side, the structure continues to grow, which further expands the building.

Installation of footings in the west-central part of the site continues. Construction of a new steel structure is also ongoing in the western part. There are many steel pillars that lie on the ground, hinting that more active construction is planned soon. The foundation is poured under the wall along the western edge.

Construction of a huge foundation at the site of a major excavation is also proceeding at a rapid pace. The western half of the foundation has already been completely covered with soil, and two rows of pillars have been installed there. Strengthening of metal reinforcement with cement continues from its northern and eastern parts. Backfilling on the east side continues.

The structure in the southeast corner continues to expand. Reinforced concrete pillars and floors are used here, which adds even more grandeur. There are many reinforced concrete slabs not far from the building, which will soon be used as floors for the roof.

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