Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted Covered at Giga Texas

Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted Covered at Giga Texas

Image: @JoeTegtmeyer/X

Nine Tesla Cybertrucks under a cover were spotted at Giga Texas. At least two more were inside the building. The observation indicates that Tesla is ramping up production ahead of the first deliveries that could take place in the coming weeks.

Cybertruck is the hotly anticipated Tesla vehicle. At this point, all signs point to Cybertruck production ramping up at Giga Texas. On Sunday, @JoeTegtmeyer/X shared images showing the company's progress.

While flying a drone around Giga Texas, Joe noticed that nine big vehicles were parked in the parking lot. They were all covered in a protective cover, but you could clearly see they had the shape of Cybertruck. At the moment, there is not a single argument that could call into question that these were indeed Tesla electric pickup trucks. In addition, Joe noticed that there were at least two more Cybertrucks in the building. Both looked assembled from the outside, but it seems they were still being worked on, as yellow tape could be seen on the windshield, and the frunks were open.

Monitoring the progress of Cybertruck production is very important. There are almost 2 million pre-orders for the truck. According to rumors, the first deliveries to Tesla employees should take place in August. However, deliveries to the company's customers will start later in the third quarter.

Tesla is keeping the final Cybertruck design under wraps. We often have seen the truck being tested on public roads. However, a few camouflaged units have also appeared recently. Such coloring makes it difficult to assess the real size and shape well, creating illusions. Perhaps it was Cybertruck with the final design. Tesla covering up nine trucks parked at Giga Texas could also be part of an effort to hide the design details of Cybertruck before the first units are delivered.

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