Tesla Cybertruck Wins The Hearts Of Customers Around The World

Tesla Cybertruck Wins The Hearts Of Customers Around The World

Cybertruck's futuristic exterior will catch the eye of any person, but its features for towing capacity, carrying capacity and range are even more impressive. The Tesla truck has a number of incredible characteristics for a car of this class. It is heavy, but at the same time fast and maneuverable, it is large and angular, but at the same time has excellent aerodynamic performance.

All this makes it an incredibly attractive vehicle for almost any person. At the moment, we know that Tesla received 250 thousand reservations, but this is the latest official data published by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on November 27th.

Since then, members of the cybertruckownersclub forum have created a spreadsheet with which they can roughly estimate the number of all reservations. According to their information, as of February 19, 2020 there were 535+ thousand orders.

Another forum, cybertrucktalk, also did some interesting research. Based on a survey of more than 1,800 Cybertruck reservation owners, they provided information about the top countries for Cybertruck reservations. Although Tesla did not publish data regarding the distribution of orders by country, these results can still show an approximate distribution of interest.

Top 10 Countries for Cybertruck Pre-Orders

  1. United States (76.25%)
  2. Canada (10.43%)
  3. Australia (3.16%)
  4. United Kingdom (1.39%)
  5. Norway (1.11%)
  6. Germany (1.05%)
  7. Sweden (0.83%)
  8. Netherlands (0.67%)
  9. France (0.44%)
  10. Iceland (0.44%)

Of course it is not surprising that the US and Canada occupy the first places in the list. Residents of these countries often prefer pickups, especially residents of the Americans. But, what’s uncharacteristic is such a great interest in Cybertruck from residents of European countries. Pickups have never attracted the special attention of Europeans. The most popular there have always been compact cars. But what happened? The answer to this question is simple - Cybertruсk.

Undoubtedly, the design of the vehicle is deeply polarized: there are those who really do not like it and those who like it very much. Cybertruck did not leave anyone indifferent, and this is exactly what its main developers and designers Musk and Franz von Holzhausen wanted.

Well, Tesla once again achieved an excellent result, presenting to the public a vehicle, that changed their perception of cars. Yes, Tesla knows how to surprise and break stereotypes.

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