Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Windshield Wiper Testing at Giga Texas Wind Tunnel

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Windshield Wiper Testing at Giga Texas Wind Tunnel

Image: Brad Sloan/YouTube

Tesla Cybertruck is spotted testing at a Giga Texas wind tunnel. Judging by the video, the electric pickup truck may have undergone a windshield wiper performance test before production begins in a couple of months.

The start of production of Cybertruck is quickly approaching and we can increasingly see it being tested, both on public roads and on Tesla's private properties. While flying a drone over Giga Texas on Thursday, Brad Sloan/YouTube noticed something interesting. Cybertruck was standing in the wind tunnel, and next to it, a company employee was performing some kind of manipulation. Apparently, this was not a test of the aerodynamic properties of the pickup truck, as one might expect.

Upon closer look, it could be seen that the Cybertruck was equipped with a massive windshield wiper. A Tesla employee is seen splashing water on the windshield and the windshield wiper worked to clear it away. The wind tunnel performed the task of simulating movement at high speeds.

It is worth noting that the pickup truck did not have the double-hinged wiper arm previously patented by Tesla. It was a simple setup with a single arm mounted on the left side of the windshield. We have already seen a similar windshield wiper mounted in the same location. The wiper does not clean the upper right corner of the windshield, which is standard on most cars. The windshield wiper for Cybertruck is a tricky subject, as it must be massive given the size of the glass it has to clean, but its size seems to confuse some consumers. In actuality, a massive windshield wiper on a massive and angular pickup truck looks pretty harmonious.

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