Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted Being Transported in US

Tesla Cybertrucks Spotted Being Transported in US

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About six Tesla Cybertrucks were spotted being transported on two trucks. Two more units were sighted in Lonoke, Arkansas. The pickup trucks were probably brought there for crash testing.

The closer we get to Cybertruck deliveries, the more trucks we see on public roads in the US. According to a video posted by TikTok user u/j_a_xw on Tuesday, two trucks loaded with Cybertrucks were spotted. One of them had three units. The number of Cybertrucks on the other truck could not be examined in detail. However, both trucks seem to carry the same amount. This means that together, they carried about six Cybertrucks. Unfortunately, u/j_a_xw did not give any details about the location where the video was taken.

In addition, more photos and videos of Cybertruck were also posted on Tuesday. X user @brandenflasch received a lot of photos from one of his followers. In the photos, you can see a truck with two Cybertrucks. The observation was made in Lonoke, Arkansas. They are probably not the same units seen by u/j_a_xw, as the truck carrying them was completely different.

A member of the Tesla Owners Club of Arkansas, Chris Flores, also visited the site where the Cybertruck was seen in Arkansas. He shared an interesting photo, perhaps indicating some details about these units. On the window of one of the Cybertrucks was written: “Completed crash ready.” This indicates that this pickup truck will be used for—or has already been used for—a crash test.

In addition, the number “630” was seen on the Cybertruck window from Arizona. According to @JoeTegtmeyer/X, on August 13, he saw a Cybertruck in the Giga Texas territory with the number 629 written on the window. This indicates that the factory continues to produce pickup trucks for various purposes, including testing. In the process, the team goes through the process of improving their working technique in order to ramp up production more smoothly.

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