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Tesla Dashcam Viewer Feature Coming In Next OTA Update


A Tesla Dashcam Viewer feature could roll out in the next over-the-air update. Tesla enthusiast, Eshak Mir, shared news about the new feature in his Twitter just recently. Mir received early access to the feature.

According to @esok_mir, Tesla’s Dashcam Viewer feature should be out soon, but he couldn’t share the precise version number of the OTA update. “Can’t share that yet! Everyone should get it soon!!” he replied when asked about the OTA update’s version number. In another response to his tweet, @esok_mir commented that the new feature’s wide release could be in a week or two.

The Tesla enthusiast shared the release notes for Dashcam Viewer. “Watch saved Dashcam clips or Sentry Mode events directly from the touchscreen with the Dashcam Viewer. To launch, tap the Dashcam icon in the status bar and select “Launch Viewer” while the car is in PARK. If the car is in DRIVE, you will continue to save a clip by tapping the icon,” said the notes.

“To view saved clips and events stored on your USB drive, tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the viewer. Each video is organized by location, date thumbnail for easy access. For additional filtering options, tap the ‘Dashcam’ or ‘Sentry’ tabs.”

The release notes also state that Tesla owners can watch video clips captured by each camera separately. The thumbnails for each video are labeled so Tesla owners can tell which camera the footage was taken.

Tesla owners can control Dashcam Viewer clips, much like any other video. They can play, pause, and scroll through the clips. They can also delete it by tapping on the trash icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when the video plays.

Once it is officially rolled out, Dashcam Viewer will be another feature that Tesla released that came from its supporters and consumer base. The idea to fully utilize Tesla’s eight cameras originally came from the community, like Save Dashcam Clip On Honk.

Elon Musk said he would discuss the idea with the Tesla team just last month on March 15. Tesla Owners Silicon had asked Musk about a feature similar to Dashcam viewer.

Once again, Tesla and Elon Musk have proven that they listen to their consumer base and supporters, which usually makes the company’s products better. Just recently, Musk showed his gratitude and respect for Sandy Munro’s thoughts and ideas about the Model Y.

In Munro’s most recent video for his ongoing Model Y teardown, he revealed that Tesla had implemented some of the ideas he suggested after his Model 3 teardown. Both Musk and Munro have shown their mutual respect for each other through their latest actions. And Tesla, as a whole, continues to gain and keep its supporters respect because the company genuinely considers constructive criticism.

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