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Tesla Dominated 30% of China's EVs In Feb Despite COVID-19


Tesla China (NASDAQ: TSLA) delivered 30% of EVs in the country last month, despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the country. The numbers undeniably reveal that there is strong demand in China for the MIC Model 3 produced in Giga Shanghai, as well as Tesla's other vehicles. 

Bloomberg states that Tesla delivered over 3,500 MIC Model 3 Standard Range Plus units in February, at least according to Secretary-General of the China Passenger Car Association Cui Dongshu. With these numbers, Giga Shanghai produced about 30% of new-energy vehicles delivered in China last month alone. 

Local Chinese media have reported that Tesla has taken BYD's place as China's largest electric car maker as of February. The numbers were based on statistics released by the Power Battery Application Branch of China's Industrial Association of Power Resources. 

Auto sales in China dropped by almost 80% since the COVID-19 outbreak. Given Tesla's numbers, however, it appears the American EV automaker has managed to persevere. 


Credit: Tesla China

When Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai resumed operations on February 10, most people were wary of it due to the pervading threat of the coronavirus. People outside China felt it was too soon for the facility to resume activities.

Even with some people's doubts, Giga Shanghai gradually started to wake up and resume its full operations. First, work on the MIC Model 3 assembly line began along with work on the other phases of Giga Shanghai. More construction in the Gigafactory Shanghai complex was even initiated, as per observations from the local Tesla community. 

By February 17, Tesla showrooms were reopened, and the China team started home deliveries of the locally-made Model 3 shortly after. Before the month ended, Tesla China started handovers at delivery centers. MIC Model 3 owners were seen picking up their vehicles directly from Tesla delivery centers. 

Throughout the whole month of February, the Tesla China team and workers at Giga Shanghai worked hard despite the bleak circumstances due to COVID-19. Tesla China never lost sight of the situation with the virus outbreak either. The company made sure that its customers were always safe and healthy. Recent videos, for example, show that Tesla conducts several initiatives to protect its customers, from regularly cleaning its display vehicles to providing sanitizers to every showroom visitor. 

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