Tesla Delivered Record 201,250 Vehicles in Q2 2021

Eva Fox by Eva Fox July 02, 2021

Tesla Delivered Record 201,250 Vehicles in Q2 2021

Tesla has again exhibited great success, delivering a record 201,250 vehicles in Q2 2021. Despite some headwinds, the manufacturer has reached impressive new heights. 

On July 2,Tesla announced delivery results for the second quarter of 2021, which are in line with the Street consensus of around 200,000 units. In the second quarter, the manufacturer produced and delivered more than 200,000 vehicles for the first time in history. Tesla teams have done an excellent job with the growing production ramp-up as well as an outstanding job in overcoming global supply chain and logistics challenges. 

At the moment, there is a continuing shortage of semiconductors in the world, which has a significant impact on all automakers. Tesla's team was able to negotiate with suppliers to obtain critical components for its vehicles. In addition, despite major congestion in ports around the world, the company has demonstrated excellence in logistics, delivering tens of thousands of cars to customers as rapidly as possible. This ability of Tesla also emphasizes that the manufacturer skillfully copes with many problems that are beyond the strength of others.

In Q2 2021, Tesla produced 206,421 vehicles, of which 204,081 were Model 3/Y and 2,340 Model S/X. Of all the cars produced, the company managed to deliver 199,360 Model 3/Y and 1,890 Model S/X.

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