Tesla Delivers More than 254K Vehicles in Q2 2022 Despite Strong Headwinds

Tesla Delivers More than 254K Vehicles in Q2 2022 Despite Strong Headwinds

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Tesla delivered 254,695 vehicles in Q2 2022 despite the strong headwinds that the manufacturer and the entire auto industry faced. The close-knit and tireless work of the team has once again shown that even in difficult times, the company is able to steadfastly cope with problems.

Q2 2022 was an extremely difficult year for the automotive industry worldwide and for Tesla in particular. Russia's attack on Ukraine severely disrupted the supply chain, causing great harm. In addition, the outbreak of COVID-19 in China and the subsequent 22-day quarantine, as well as the slow recovery due to strict restrictions, have had a large negative impact on Tesla. In addition to the fact that Tesla's export hub, Giga Shanghai, was completely stopped, ships with components for other factories of the manufacturer around the world were stuck in Chinese ports. This interfered with the ramp-up schedule at Giga Berlin and Giga Texas, with significant repercussions.

Despite these severe headwinds, Tesla once again has shown that it can handle the challenges. Strong teamwork led to relatively high delivery rates in Q2. The manufacturer said it had delivered 254,695 vehicles. Among them are 238,533 Model 3/Y and 16,162 Model S/X. In addition, 258,580 vehicles were produced, among which 242,169 were Model 3/Y and 16,411 Model S/X.

In addition, Tesla reported that it reached the highest production figures in its history in June, although it did not disclose the exact figure. Given that manufacturer operations have recovered and increased across all factories, with new factories also making a significant contribution, this is to be expected. It is also a good sign that in the second half of the year, Tesla will be able to catch up with losses and increase production to a previously unseen scale.

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