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Tesla Demand In China Gets “Supercharged” In Chongqing Auto Show 2020

Tesla Demand In China Gets “Supercharged” In Chongqing Auto Show 2020

Tesla cars were presented at the Chongqing Auto Show 2020, which runs June 13-21 in Chongqing, China.

Chongqing Auto Show 2020 was the first large-scale autonomous auto show after the epidemic. This year at the Chongqing Auto Show a total of 7 pavilions are involved, the scale of the exhibition reaches 150,000 square meters, more than 110 exhibited car brands and more than 1000 exhibited models.



Tesla's cars were presented on a neat stand, with no additional decorations, bombastic model stands and dazzling lights. The visitors were not offered the so-called "discounts" and gifts; three Tesla were presented there.

"Without stunning booths and cool decorations, Tesla uses cutting-edge technology to identify purely electric smart cars," wrote Tesla's Global Vice President Grace Tao.

Despite all the modesty, Tesla’s booth was always crowded with interested visitors. In China, Tesla enjoys incredibly high popularity, which will continue to grow over time.

The the Chongqing Auto Show 2020 was visited by volunteers from the Tesla Chongqing Club, who had talks with everyone who wanted to get information about Tesla cars, they shared their impressive ownership experience. "Thank you, car friends, for joining us in accelerating the transformation of the world into sustainable energy," Grace Tao thanked them.

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