Tesla Denies Report it Only Installed 3K Solar Roofs in US

Tesla Denies Report it Only Installed 3K Solar Roofs in US

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Tesla denies an industry analyst firm's report that it has only installed 3,000 Solar Roofs in the US. The company said the data is “incorrect by a large margin.”

Tesla is often surrounded by misinformation that is hyped by the media without proper verification. While the company worries about accelerating the world's transition to a renewable energy economy, some media publications are fighting Tesla to keep its influence from growing.

On Thursday, CNBC published an article entitled “Tesla has only installed 3,000 Solar Roof systems in the U.S., far below forecast, study finds.” It was based on the findings of a study conducted by Wood Mackenzie. According to the report, Tesla's average installations per week were 21 in 2022, lower than the company's 1,000-per-week target for 2021. The industry analysis firm reported that in the first quarter of 2022, Tesla peaked at 32 average weekly installations in the US.

Wood Mackenzie said its analysis of Tesla's Solar Roof installations relies on data from several US states, but it captures the largest markets such as California, the state where most of the roofs have been installed. Based on this, the firm is confident that its report “paints an accurate national picture.” Although this disclosure only indicates that Wood Mackenzie did not own the data on the actual number of Solar Roof installations, this did not alarm CNBC, which was in a hurry to write “Tesla hit piece.”

Hours after the CNBC article was posted on Twitter, Tesla's official Twitter account denied it. The company wrote that the information about the number of installations of only 3,000 Solar Roofs in the US is incorrect, specifying that it is incorrect “by a large margin.” About 18 hours after Tesla's response, CNBC did not clarify or add the company's response to the article.

Indeed, Tesla does not report the exact number of Solar Roof installations and usually lists the information along with data on all solar installations, including solar panels. However, this should not be a reason for the media to disseminate information based on incomplete data and not add context added by the company itself to clarify the situation.

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