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Tesla Deploys FSD Beta on Test Vehicles in South Korea, Japan & Taiwan

Tesla Deploys FSD Beta on Test Vehicles in South Korea, Japan & Taiwan

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Tesla has released FSD Beta for several vehicles in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. The move shows that the manufacturer is moving forward with its plans to roll out this feature globally. A few weeks ago, test vehicles were spotted in Europe and Australia.

Tesla continues work on FSD Beta, which will make cars autonomous. This feature is currently being actively tested in North America, with the largest number of testers in the US. A few weeks ago it became known that Tesla had testers in Europe and Australia. According to Teslascope, the company has extended FSD beta to at least three vehicles outside of North America that have already received the feature update. One is in Belgium, the other is in Germany, and the third is in Australia.

It has now become known that the manufacturer has also begun distributing FSD Beta to new markets. According to Teslascope (via @Tslachan/Twitter), several vehicles with the 2023.12.11 update (FSD Beta v11.3.6) have appeared in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Data from the website show that there are 10 FSD Beta vehicles in South Korea, 10 in Japan, and two in Taiwan.

In addition, the list of countries where there are cars with FSD Beta v11.3.6 has expanded significantly, mainly with the addition of various European countries. At the moment, there are:

  • United States 85
  • Australia 11
  • South Korea 10
  • Japan 10
  • Germany 7
  • Switzerland 4
  • Unknown 3
  • Poland 2
  • Netherlands 2
  • New Zealand 2
  • Norway 2
  • Taiwan 2
  • Italy 1
  • Denmark 1
  • United Kingdom 1
  • Ukraine 1
  • Belgium 1
  • Spain 1
  • Sweden 1

The distribution of FSD Beta outside of North America indicates that the company is making excellent progress in developing this feature. In addition, it hints that Tesla is actively working around the world to provide its customers with the best possible driving experience.

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