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Tesla-Designed In-Car Gaming Controller Revealed During Model S Plaid Delivery Event

Tesla-Designed In-Car Gaming Controller Revealed During Model S Plaid Delivery Event

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Tesla has developed a proprietary wireless controller with which car owners can play games in vehicles. The new device was shown at the Model S Plaid delivery event and will be a great addition to vehicles that will soon be able to achieve full self-driving.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk loved computer games since childhood and is a fan of them to this day. This is why the company is designing cars to be able to entertain their owners with games. Model S Plaid is even more unique as it is capable of supporting AAA games, and for better usability, Tesla will probably start producing its own controllers.

Tesla's in-car gaming controller was revealed during the Model S Plaid delivery event. The company didn’t put much emphasis on it, but it was hard not to notice during the demonstration of the infotainment system to visitors. Several fans paid special attention to it and posted photos on various social networks.

Externally, the Tesla controller looks more like a PlayStation controller, although it has some fundamental differences. It looks simple enough and at the same time very comfortable. Those who play video games on consoles will surely appreciate the shape of the Tesla controller, as it has an interesting arc at the bottom that can serve as good support. This will be very helpful, especially when cars become autonomous and drivers can play while driving. The shape of the controller also follows the shape of the Model S yoke steering wheel, so it fits harmoniously into its interior.

Tesla is constantly striving to improve the driving experience for its users, so it strives to make their time in the car as enjoyable as possible. During the event, Musk confirmed that the new version of the infotainment system is capable of delivering PS5-level performance and demonstrated the system running Cyberpunk 2077 in 60 frames per second (FPS). This means that whether it's just for daily entertainment or, for example, to pass time while charging the car, Model S and X deliver the highest level of gaming.

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