Tesla Is Developing a Platform to Provide its Customers in China Access to Vehicle Data

Tesla Is Developing a Platform to Provide its Customers in China Access to Vehicle Data

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Tesla China said it is developing a platform for car owners in the country that will allow them to access data generated by their vehicles. This feature will allow owners to quickly receive a report on potential accidents and to review the condition of the car at such a moment. The platform should once and for all solve the problem of unfounded accusations against the company when the owner of one of its vehicles has an accident. Tesla has said it intends to launch the data platform this year.

This is the first time the automaker has announced plans to provide customers with access to vehicle data in China, following a recent situation with a local owner. Tesla was the victim of unfounded accusations and negative attention that harmed the company. A Tesla car owner's father had an accident in a Model 3, for which he was at fault. He significantly exceeded the speed limit and did not maintain a safe distance with the vehicle in front of him, as a result of which he was found responsible for the accident by police. Rather than accepting the consequences of his actions, his daughter, the owner of the Model 3, began accusing Tesla of the car having faulty brakes and demanded compensation for the Model 3's cost and lost wages. Meanwhile, she refused to conduct an examination by independent experts and did not make any compromises to resolve the situation.

This owner then protested on the roof of a Tesla car at Auto Shanghai 2021 in China, which brought widespread attention to the issue. As a result, the manufacturer was forced to publish the data obtained from the car in order to prove that the car's braking system worked properly and was not the cause of the accident. Creating a platform with access to vehicle data to customers is an appropriate next step and illustrates Tesla's good faith and transparency.

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