Tesla Diligently Protects the Personal Data of Customers, as Privacy Is A Core Product Requirement

Tesla Diligently Protects the Personal Data of Customers, as Privacy Is A Core Product Requirement

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Tesla diligently protects the personal data of its customers by keeping them confidential. This applies to absolutely all products of the company, whether it be cars or Powerwall home energy storage systems. Privacy and security are core requirements in the development of all the manufacture’s products.

In its 2021 Impact Report, Tesla once again emphasized that it is building products with privacy and security at their core. The manufacturer explained that it is confident that responsible data management and transparency are prerequisites for continuous innovation. The company fulfills this obligation by providing information and user control in its products, allowing customers to choose how their personal data is collected and used.

Data privacy management is a common concern at all levels at Tesla. Data privacy is a shared responsibility that involves the manufacturer's team, from each individual employee to the Board of Directors. The company employs a large and diverse team of privacy and security professionals from around the world, as well as legal, engineering, and manufacturing organizations dedicated to protecting customer data. Additionally, the Audit Committee of the Tesla Board of Directors is regularly briefed on incidents, emerging trends, controls, and corrective actions taken by Tesla to ensure they are living up to its obligations and Privacy Principles.

However, Tesla is guided not only by legal obligations under global privacy laws and regulations, but also by customer expectations and its own Privacy Principles. The manufacturer maintains trust by treating data as customers expect it, preserving its accuracy and completeness, and properly destroying it when it is no longer needed.

  • Build privacy into its products from start to finish. Ensuring privacy is an important component when building world-class products and services, from inception to rollout and beyond.
  • Give customers choices about their data. Tesla put individuals in control by giving them clear and transparent ways to access, review, manage and delete their data with ease.
  • Maintain trust through transparency. The company is clear about the personal data it collects and how they are using or sharing it – ensuring that choosing a connected vehicle does not come at the sacrifice of customer privacy.
  • Safeguard personal data. Tesla implements rigorous controls and standards designed to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of Tesla’s data environment.

Tesla's privacy principles and commitments are in all of its products. For Tesla vehicles, customer personal data is protected from the moment it is delivered. The manufacturer guarantees that, by default, vehicle data generated while driving is not associated with a customer account or vehicle identification number. When it comes to data sharing, the manufacturer provides a special menu in the car to set preferences at any time.

Apart from this, Powerwall and Solar Roof energy products also work with customer privacy protection in mind. Tesla strives to collect the minimum amount of personal data necessary to provide the most exciting energy experience in the app. To ensure transparency, Tesla has developed a convenient way for customers to upload and access their energy data at any time directly from the Tesla App.

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