Tesla Advances Plans for Drive-in Movie Theatre Diner as More Building Permits Now Submitted

Tesla Advances Plans for Drive-in Movie Theatre Diner as More Building Permits Now Submitted

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Elon Musk's idea of a futuristic diner and drive-in theater conceived for Hollywood is getting closer to being realized. Tesla has applied for building permits, hinting that construction will begin soon.

One of Tesla's most anticipated locations is the Hollywood Diner and Drive-In Theater, where car owners can really have a great time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long been talking about this Supercharger station, which will offer restaurant service and a drive-in theater in Los Angeles. This idea came to him in 2018 and is now closer to being realized.

In May 2022, Tesla officially filed plans for the Diner and Drive-In Theater, located at 7001 Santa Monica Boulevard. The project site is 0.565 acres and currently houses a 5,920-square-foot Shakey's Pizza restaurant. For the construction of the Tesla restaurant, the existing structure will be demolished. The site is located on a designated Commercial Corner lot within the State Enterprise Zone and within a Transit Priority Area.

The proposed project will include the construction of a restaurant/diner with two levels:

  • approximately 3,800 square feet enclosed lower level and a 5,500 square feet outdoor seating and enclosed food preparation area;
  • electric vehicle charging station which will have 34 spaces with chargers, 29 of the 34 charging stations will be Superchargers and the remaining 5 will be Level 2 chargers.

Tesla has filed multiple applications to build a planned restaurant in the city of Los Angeles this year, six of them earlier this week. They refer to the demolition of the old building located on the site, and electricity, ventilation, and sewerage systems for the new building. In addition, Tesla made revisions to the design of the planned building and applied for the placement of the Supercharger stalls and the necessary equipment for this. Although the design of the diner was shown last year, along with documents, it is worth bearing in mind that this was not the final result and work on the design is ongoing. However, it is expected the team is close.

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