Tesla Dominates Kelley Blue Book Luxury Brand 2020 Awards

Tesla Dominates Kelley Blue Book Luxury Brand 2020 Awards

Tesla dominates the Kelley Blue Book Luxury Brand 2020 Award, winning 5 of 6 categories.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards are given in recognition of automakers who excel in creating and maintaining brand attributes that create excitement about their products. This favorable brand image can attract the attention of new car shoppers, a critical element in their ultimate success in the marketplace.

This year, the awards reflected the changes that took place in the global automotive market. Tesla, which made a major breakthrough in the last years, came out on top in a number of categories. This demonstrates that people have changed their perception of the vehicles they admire.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards draw on insights from more than 12,000 in-market, new-vehicle shoppers who research their purchases on KBB.com. This data is collected as part of their annual Brand Watch study, which is designed to track consumer trends and attitudes towards new cars on the market today.

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Tesla dominated the “Best Luxury Brands” portion of the awards, taking the titles of Best Overall Luxury Brand, Best Value Luxury Brand, Most Refined Luxury Brand, Best Performance Luxury Brand, and Best Styling Luxury Brand.

For the first time, upstart EV-maker Tesla breaks into the Overall Brand Award. Model S, X and 3 demonstrate the company's persistent work in striving to conquer the market and this brings the company the Best Overall Luxury Brand award.

Source: Autotrader

While the automaker first entered the market with its luxurious and expensive EVs Model S and Model X, the popularity of the cheaper Model 3 is the driving force behind KBB.com's perception of value. EVs also overshadow gasoline vehicles in the long run; low maintenance, saving on maintenance and eliminating the need for expensive gas stations, this is what brings Tesla the Best Value Luxury Brand Award. 

Tesla's innovative approach, combining almost all controls and systems into a single portrait-oriented center screen, which is now copied by both the mass market and luxury brands and a clean, minimalist approach to interior design, leads the brand to victory in the Most Refined Luxury Brand.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly technology for electric vehicles, Tesla attracts special attention with its performance. This is largely due to the fast acceleration, which opens up the tremendous torque inherent, comparable to sports cars. Thanks to this, Tesla wins the Best Performance Luxury Brand award.

The Tesla design of the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 has not changed much since their introduction. However, these cars have certainly attracted the attention of buyers. Both sedans are timeless in shape, while the groundbreaking Model X is striking when its falcon-wings opens. Thanks to its stunning appearance, Tesla receives the Best Styling Luxury Brand Award.

With full dominance in the Kelley Blue Book Luxury Brand 2020 Award, Tesla proves that it is already in the hearts of consumers.

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