Tesla Dominates Online New Car Sales: A Study

Tesla Dominates Online New Car Sales: A Study

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In a new study, BearingPoint analyzed and assessed the online offerings of leading car manufacturers in the US, China, and Europe, and their online sales readiness in their respective markets. Tesla stands out from other OEMs with its presence in all markets and smart online offerings. The company is not only represented everywhere but also has the best results in all analyzed markets.

The analysis showed that OEMs serve large markets and customers differently. For example, German manufacturers are currently only selectively present in their target markets, can significantly optimize their stores, and have a lot to learn from Tesla.

Tesla is the global leader in online car sales in terms of presence and performance. Compared to major car manufacturers, Tesla is the only company that operates online stores in all analyzed markets. The company is not only represented everywhere but also has the best results. Tesla created and succeeded in its revolutionary online sales model.

Source: BearingPoint

New customer contacts through online shopping are now not only mandatory for car manufacturers but vital, BearingPoint emphasizes. But setting up an online store to sell cars as quickly as possible also means companies must transform into a resilient organization that adapts to changing customer requirements and buying behavior. Christoph Landgrebe of BearingPoint said:

“Automakers can no longer rely on their brand reputation alone to sell their vehicles. You need to be where your customers are to understand their needs and preferences. As Tesla convincingly demonstrates, online sales are becoming increasingly important and that some automakers don't serve certain markets at all. After all, digitally changing the customer journey when buying a new car is a key success factor in securing customer acceptance."

In its research, BearingPoint analyzed online offerings from leading OEMs in the US, China and Europe, assessed their online readiness, identified best practices, and formulated recommendations for action. Among other things, an assessment was made of how OEMs are meeting customers' requirements on the digital journey, in particular the shopping experience.


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