Tesla Giga Berlin Gains Access to Critical Highway as Brandenburg Authority Signs New Agreement

Tesla Giga Berlin Gains Access to Critical Highway as Brandenburg Authority Signs New Agreement

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From January 1, 2021, the federal Autobahn GmbH took over responsibility for the infrastructure activities on the A10 Autobahn related to Tesla's presence in the region. To ensure efficient planning and implementation, Autobahn GmbH and the Brandenburg Ministry of Infrastructure (MIL) signed a cooperation agreement.

MIL and Autobahn GmbH have signed a joint declaration on Tesla's infrastructure, according to the Brandenburg Ministry of Infrastructure and State Planning. "The new Tesla car plant in Grünheide is an enormous economic opportunity for our country. At the same time, it poses major challenges for the transport infrastructure. The basics must be created within a very short time so that employees and suppliers can easily reach the site. Extensive measures are also necessary on the A 10," said Minister of Infrastructure and Public Planning Guido Beermann.

He said that, in early 2021, responsibility for the subsequent planning of the infrastructure—in connection with Tesla's arrival in the region—was transferred to the Autobahn GmbH. "Due to the dependence of our state roads and the connection points to the highway in the area of ​​the car plant, we want to bundle our know-how with a cooperation agreement. In this way, we can ensure that all planning is implemented optimally."

Source: The Brandenburg Ministry of Infrastructure

The chairman of the federal board of Autobahn GmbH Stephan Krenz assured that Autobahn GmbH brings together the knowledge of specialists from all over Germany, which they want to use to effectively advance the planning and construction processes. "We want to connect Tesla to the highway network as quickly as possible. The cooperation agreement with the Brandenburg Ministry of Infrastructure creates the necessary conditions for this. The direct connection of the Tesla plant to the A10 underlines the importance of the highways as the mainstay of freight transport. It forms the economic artery in the region and nationwide."

As part of the infrastructure, a new A10 highway exit between the Freienbrink and Erkner interchanges (AS) on the East Berlin Ring will have to be built, the existing Freienbrink exit will be transformed, the highway junction in this area will be changed, and traffic control measures will be taken.

The agreement between MIL and Autobahn GmbH governs the liability of cooperation partners for individual measures and their timing. Communication and coordination requirements should be monitored in close collaboration in joint project teams. The purpose of the joint declaration is to organize proper and effective cooperation between the state and the company, as well as to streamline the tasks of the state road administration for Autobahn GmbH.

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