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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Donates $500,000 to Hack Club


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated US$500,000 to Hack Club through the Musk Foundation. Elon Musk spent an hour with Hack Club member last month in an ask-me-anything call. He seemed very impressed with their questions, even going as far as saying that they asked better questions than journalists from mainstream media.

Hack Club members must have left a good impression on Elon Musk, as noted by the founder, Zach Latta, in an article on its official website. “Elon is very selective about the nonprofits he supports and I’m proud Hack Club is one of them.” The members of Hack Club seem to deeply respect Elon Musk and recognize his achievements. “Elon Musk is one of the most prolific and ambitious hackers of the last decade,” wrote Latta in his article.

For his part, the Tesla CEO appeared to take his experience with Hack Club to heart. One of the questions during his AMA with Hack Club referred to The Maker Movement and how he intended to improve the public representation of making things.

Elon Musk later brought up a similar topic during his interview with Joe Rogan. “I do think…in the United States especially, there’s an over-allocation of talent in finance and law. Basically, too many smart people go into finance and law. So…you know, this is both a compliment and a criticism. We should have, I think, fewer people doing law and fewer people doing finance, and more people making stuff.”

Based on Hack Club’s website, it’s a growing community of young innovators and future makers. So it seems only fitting the Elon Musk would support a group so similar to himself when he was younger.

From the perspective of Hack Club members, recognition and support from a person they deeply respect must be motivating. It is evident as Latta ends his article by writing: "To every Hack Clubber: Elon is now supporting you and your work, so go forth and do amazing things. We can’t wait to show Elon what you make."

Elon Musk’s donation will help other high school students join or start Hack Clubs in their vicinity. The general public can keep track of the donation and how it is spent through Hack Club Bank.

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