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Elon Musk Quietly Waits In Line To Use Tesla Supercharger In Palm Bay


Featured Image Credit: (From right to left) Marco Verch/Flickr and Mark Sola/Tesla Florida Facebook Group

Several Tesla owners have shared images showing CEO Elon Musk waiting in line to use a Supercharger in Palm Bay, FL. The pictures depicted what seems to be a very happy Elon Musk, as the CEO posed with some lucky owners who were in the area.

The past day was a particularly important one for Musk. It was the culmination of a decades-long dream that involved a young entrepreneur taking on the challenge of becoming NASA’s partner to send astronauts from American soil once more. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon was poised to launch its Demo-2 crewed mission yesterday, and Musk was there to celebrate.

Unfortunately, the launch of Demo-2 was scrubbed due to unfavorable weather conditions. But despite this somewhat disappointing turn of events, the lead up to the expected launch was something for the history books, with astronauts heading towards the launch pad in white-on-white Tesla Model X and Musk being present to wish the mission a success.

Images that have been shared of Musk in the Melbourne, Palm Bay Supercharger indicate that the CEO, his partner Grimes, and their baby briefly stopped at the charging location. Musk reportedly was there with a Tesla Model X and Model S, and he had his security with him. Despite this, the CEO was up for some photos with Tesla owners.

Mark Sola of the TESLA FLORIDA Facebook group, for one, remarked that Musk was “waiting in line just like the rest of us.” Raf Fiol, another Tesla owner who snapped a photo with the CEO, stated in a Twitter post that he and Musk ended up talking while they were at the Supercharger. Fiol added that Musk was “super friendly,” and the CEO chatted with owners for about 15 minutes.

This is actually classic Elon Musk. Despite his billionaire status, numerous accounts from the Tesla community state that the CEO still remains pretty down-to-earth. Two years ago, some Tesla enthusiasts who visited the Fremont factory stated that Musk was torquing bolts alongside other Tesla workers who were building the Model 3 GA4 production line. The CEO would later note in a Twitter post that he does not see this as a big deal, since he likes building things anyway.

Musk’s recent actions in the Palm Bay Supercharger is something that is well within character. One would expect the CEO of two multi-billion-dollar companies to ask for priority when they are in need of something like a charging stall, but Musk seemed to welcome the wait for an open Supercharger spot. This, at least, allows the CEO to experience the Tesla ownership experience firsthand. And that truly, is something worthy of note.

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