Tesla To Soon Enter Greece Market, New Job Openings Hint

Tesla To Soon Enter Greece Market, New Job Openings Hint

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Today, Tesla is the most coveted electric car in the world, and is in serious competition with internal combustion-based vehicles. Demand for Teslas is growing every day, which means that the company must expand. One of the fast-growing markets for the EV maker is Europe. It should come as no surprise, then, that Tesla’s presence there continues to accelerate.

A few days ago, the company announced recruitment for the positions of Sales & Delivery Manager and Tesla Advisor. In a job description, the company wrote that it was preparing for its entry into Greece; both positions are in Athens. This means that soon, the residents of Greece will be able to order a car and take delivery at their country’s very own Tesla store.

Both positions are related to sales and customer support. The presence of a brick and mortar store—coupled with on-site Tesla representatives—should even further enhance the attractiveness of the EV maker’s products. 

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Sales & Delivery Manager

"As we prepare for our exciting new entry in to Greece, we are looking to recruit a Sales & Delivery Manager to lead our brand new team in Athens."

As a sales and delivery manager for Tesla, the employee will be responsible for monitoring and managing sales and delivery in the local market. This person will also provide regular training and feedback to all team members.

The position description also confirms that Tesla plans to open a store in Greece. "You will also be the lead in the planning, implementation and follow up of store operational tasks and events/sales networking activities."

Tesla advisors

"As we prepare for our exciting new entry in to Greece, we are looking to recruit a number of Tesla Advisors to join our brand new team in Athens."

The Tesla Advisors team will be responsible for communicating with customers, servicing them, delivering cars, maintaining a presentable showroom while proactively addressing all customer queries and appointments. 

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