Tesla Equips Model S & X with Round Steering Wheel by Default

Tesla Equips Model S & X with Round Steering Wheel by Default

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Tesla equips its Model S and Model X with a round steering wheel by default. The yoke steering wheel is now only available at an additional cost.

On Thursday, Tesla held a round of price increases for its Model S and Model X in the US. Model S now starts at $87,490, while Model X is available starting at $97,490. The price increase for both cars is $2,500 each, which also applies to the Plaid variants. Along with the price increase, Tesla has offered three years of free Supercharging, which is a very nice bonus.

In addition to the changes described above, Tesla also made changes to the cars themselves. Now all Model S and Model X are offered with a round steering wheel by default. At the same time, a yoke steering wheel is now offered as a $250 option.

When Tesla started offering the refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles, they were equipped with a yoke steering wheel. At the time, this was the only option, although many customers asked for the option to include a regular steering wheel. The yoke steering wheel seems unusual but offers some advantages over the regular steering wheel, ranging from a cool look to not obstructing the panoramic view, which is extremely convenient. Plenty of Model S and Model X owners appreciated the yoke steering wheel, but there were also plenty of those who wanted the regular steering wheel option, which stopped them from buying new Tesla cars.

In early January 2023, the company began offering two steering wheel options to choose from when ordering. Both types of steering wheels were provided free of charge and included in the cost of the car. If a Tesla Model S or X with a yoke steering wheel was already purchased and the owners were not happy with it, they could replace it for an additional fee. According to Tesla, such a replacement costs $700, including the cost of the steering wheel and installation.

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