Tesla Not at Fault in 2019 Model S Crash in California, Jury Finds

Tesla Not at Fault in 2019 Model S Crash in California, Jury Finds

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Tesla is not at fault for a Model S crash in California in 2019, according to a jury decision. The driver in the case ignored the company's warnings about driving on city streets, and the vehicle's collision response systems worked correctly.

Tesla was found not guilty in the Model S crash that occurred in California in 2019, the jury ruled on Friday. The jury did not award damages to Los Angeles resident Justine Hsu, who sued Tesla in 2020. The plaintiff argued Tesla was negligent, fraudulent, and in breach of contract. Hsu alleged in her lawsuit that the Tesla Model S she was driving had Autopilot on at the time of the accident. The car swerved and crashed into a median on a city street. The plaintiff also claimed the airbags caused her injuries—that they broke her jaw and damaged a nerve.

The jury determined that Tesla properly warned users not to use the Autopilot system while driving on city streets, but Hsu violated this. In addition, the airbags worked properly. This case is revealing as it shows that some owners are violating driving regulations and company warnings, and creating traffic accidents. In addition, these owners sometimes blame Tesla for the accidents, although they are themself responsible.

All Tesla vehicles come with Autopilot as a standard feature. This is a driver assistance system. If users want enhanced driving features for their vehicles, they can purchase Enhanced Autopilot for $6,000 or FSD for $15,000.

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