Tesla Expands in Lathrop, Leases Additional 9 Acres of Land for Employee Parking

Tesla Expands in Lathrop, Leases Additional 9 Acres of Land for Employee Parking

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Tesla is expanding its presence in California in line with a previously announced plan. The company has leased an additional 9 acres of land in Lathrop, which will be used for parking for 1,500 cars.

In 2012, Tesla discovered Lathrop, where it turned an old distribution center into a facility with the capacity to manufacture parts for its vehicles. Now, along with the construction of the MegaFactory, the groundbreaking ceremony for which took place in September, the company is expanding its presence there.

The new venture is expected to generate approximately 1,000 jobs initially, with an expansion to 2,000, according to a statement by SJ County Supervisors Chairman Tom Patti in October. Manteca Bulletin reports that Tesla is committed to guaranteeing 1,500 parking spaces for employees who will work at the factory. Last week, Lathrop City Council voted unanimously to lease nine acres of city land off Christopher Way, adjacent to the city's wastewater treatment plant at a cost of $1 a year, to provide employee parking at Tesla's new facility when it goes live.

This rental price has a solid rationale. “Tesla's presence in Lathrop promotes growth throughout the City by providing jobs, and tax revenue,” the city wrote in a staff report prepared for the council. “The manufacturing facility at 700 D 'Arcy will create roughly 1,500 jobs in the City as well as additional tax revenue and therefore staff is working to facilitate the maximum operation by providing a parking solution for Tesla employees.”

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