Tesla Expands Production Line for Model Y & Builds New Tent Near GA4

Tesla Expands Production Line for Model Y & Builds New Tent Near GA4

Photos: Tesmanian

Tesla has begun expanding the tent where the Model Y General Assembly is located. Another tent will be built on the other side of the Model 3 assembly line, hinting at a significant expansion in the manufacturer's capacity.

In February, Tesla applied to the City of Fremont to expand its vehicle production facility for another 64,000 square feet. The appendix described plans to build foundations and install underground utilities in the General Assembly 4.5 (GA 4.5) area, where Model Y production lines are located. New photos now show that the company has already begun installing tent structures and intends to quickly expand to its planned size.

Photos obtained by Tesmanian indicate that Tesla has made great progress. All frames have already been installed near GA4.5, which will then be covered soon and it seems it will become a continuation of the assembly line for Model Y.

On the other side of the General Assembly for Model 3 (GA4), along the perimeter of the breaded areas for construction, trenches have already been dug, in which metal supports for the tent construction will be installed and poured with concrete. Also, on the ground, we can see several already assembled structures that will form the roof.

In its Q1 2021 Earnings Report, Tesla indicated that Model Y production in Fremont continues to grow successfully and is approaching full capacity. This indicated that the manufacturer has almost finished setting up the production lines and would soon be ready for full capacity. However, according to the photos, apart from the small completion of the tent for GA4.5, Tesla intends to build another tent, which seems to be as large as for the Model 3 or Model Y assembly line, which indicates a significant expansion of production.

To date, two tents in Fremont are producing 500,000 Model 3/Ys per year. This means that one more tent could add another tens or even hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year to the equation. Thus, in 2022, Tesla's factory in Fremont alone may be able to supply about 800,000 vehicles per year, including Model S, 3, X and Y.

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