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Tesla Giga Shanghai, Berlin, Texas, Nevada and More, An All-Factory Scale Comparison

Tesla Giga Shanghai, Berlin, Texas, Nevada and More, An All-Factory Scale Comparison

At the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the location of the new factory. The Gigafactory for the production of the Semi, Cybertruck, Model Y and Model 3 will be built in Austin, Texas and will be Tesla's largest factory yet.

Reddit user U/brandude87 made a high-resolution comparison of factory grounds based on Tesla's Giga Texas plans and the updated plans for Giga Berlin. The comparison also includes the Giga Nevada, Fremont factory, Giga Shanghai, Giga New York, and Tilburg assembly plant.

This image speaks for itself. The new factory in Texas will occupy the largest territory--and understandably so. According to the plan, Giga Texas will indeed produce the popular Model Y and Model 3, which share about 70% of their parts. But, the production of Semi and Cybertruck will require significantly more space.

Cybertruck is wildly popular. Tesla did not disclose the number of pre-orders, but according to some booking tracking sites, the number has already exceeded 650,000 units. With its superior performance, Cybertruck will gain even more attention over time, so its production facilities will need to be able to flex with growing demand.

Semi is another vehicle for the company that will revolutionize transportation. Tesla's all-electric truck is equipped with compelling features that make it a preferable alternative to traditional diesel and gas-powered freighters. Its environmental impact will be vast considering that petrol-powered long-haul trucks account for a significant share of the transportation sector's emissions. Massive environmental benefits aside, the all-electric freighters would still likely attract businesses with its robust suite of features and low operating costs. According to Musk, the production of the electric truck will begin in 2021.

This is how territories look with buildings superimposed on them (completed, under construction or planned).

Comparing the size of Giga Shanghai to Tesla's planned projects in Europe and the United States, it becomes clear why Musk speaks of another factory in Asia. Giga Shanghai will still be able to meet demand in China, but over time, interest in Tesla cars in Asian countries will increase. And more demand demands more Giga.

Tesla is expanding wisely as the popularity of the company's cars is growing at a rapid pace. In the setting of swelling demand, the company is placing the right focus on production capacity. Even as interest in Tesla sprints ahead, the company must also strategically plan for a marathon of growth in the coming years and decades. This is what it will take to transition the world to sustainable energy.


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