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Tesla Fan Gets Neuralink Internship Opportunity During Elon Musk Visiting Germany

Tesla Fan Gets Neuralink Internship Opportunity During Elon Musk Visiting Germany

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A young man from Grünheide has received permission from Elon Musk to do an internship at Neuralink in Silicon Valley.

Silas Heineken, better known as Tesla Kid Grünheide on Twitter, has long been famous. He uses his drone to film the construction process of Tesla's first factory in Europe—Giga Berlin. Silas does this in order to help Tesla fans around the world observe the cutting edge construction process.

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Now the young man has attracted the attention of the public and media by obtaining permission to intern at Neuralink from none other than Elon Musk himself. The Tesla CEO is in Germany right now, so his German fans got the opportunity to see him—and for some, even talk to him.

When Silas learned that Musk was meeting with the CDU Bundestag members in Berlin, he wanted to travel to the capital to meet. The young man's father supports his son in his endeavors, so he contributed to bringing him to Berlin.

Silas is inspired by the Musk persona because he believes that Elon is committed to making the world a better place. "I am inspired by Elon Musk because I think he's a guy with a big vision: make the world a better place. The way he does all that things, his time, that he spends countless hours just to fix that one problem is very impressive to me. I think he is the right person to look up," he told Tesmanian.

The conversation between Musk and Silas took place serendipitously. And now, this opportunity could be the beginning of a wonderful future for this young man. The media representatives, who were also waiting for Musk, had to wait for him under shelter—as the rain could damage their expensive equipment. Therefore, when the famous American guest arrived, Silas got to meet Musk one-on-one. This gave the young man the opportunity to ask him his desired question:

"Hi Elon Musk, is it possible to get an internship at Neuralink?" Silas asked him.

"Yes, I mean it's in California, but yes," Musk replied.

Silas wants to do an internship at Neuralink because he thinks it is the most interesting startup in the world and wants to be a part of it.

"I want to make an internship at Neuralink because this is the most interesting startup in the world (imo). It's visions like implanting“ chips ”into your head/brain to help you get the ability to do some stuff like downloading a language or something is stunning! I want to be part of that!"

The internship is to take place during Easter 2021 when the young man travels to the United States for the holidays.



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