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Tesla filed a patent for the Energy Storage System

by Eva Fox January 03, 2020

Tesla filed a patent for the Energy Storage System

Electricity is a vehicle’s power supply. That is why an electric vehicle requires an energy storage system, which is one of the most important issues of modern electric vehicle technology. Batteries are a means of energy storage for electric vehicles. For the desired level of performance, a large number of batteries are required. That is why manufacturers of batteries for electric cars should strive to create such, taking into account various criteria.

Tesla has always been a company that strives for the best result. That is why, a company that didn't even exist 17 years ago, today has become the leading automotive company in the world, which produces electric cars that surpass the characteristics of many cars from world automotive leaders.

On June 27, 2019, Tesla filed a patent for the Energy Storage System, which was published on October 17, 2019. It relates to the structural and electrical aspects of an energy storage system.

Source: Patent

The energy storage system includes a module housing having multiple battery cells positioned inside the module housing. Each of the battery cells has a first end and a second end. Further, each of the battery cells has a positive terminal and a negative terminal. A first interconnect is positioned over the multiple battery cells. A second interconnect is positioned over the multiple battery cells. Multiple first cell connectors connect the positive terminal of the battery cells to the first interconnect. Similarly, multiple second cell connectors connect the negative terminal of the battery cells to the second interconnect. A top plate having an interior side and an exterior side is positioned over the first interconnect and the second interconnect. The top plate includes one or more weak areas above the one or more battery cell.

The weak areas are regions that have less integrity and thus, where mechanical failure is more likely to occur if a battery cell releases gas. These regions may be physically weaker areas compared to the surrounding areas and may rupture when pressure builds up due to a failed cell. Alternatively, the weak areas may be chemically weaker and preferentially rupture when exposed to the caustic gases released by a failed battery cell. The weak areas may also fail due to a combination of physical and chemical weakening. Therefore, Tesla strives to make its batteries even better, by minimizing the negative impacts and enhancing the safety of all elements of the battery pack.

Source: Patent

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has always sought to study and develop energy storage systems, as this is a key criterion for an electric vehicle. That is why his company is actively studying this issue and is making new developments in this direction. Tesla batteries are incredibly efficient today, and over time, thanks to new developments, their efficiency will be improved even more. This is possible only due to the fact that Tesla is working diligently to ensure that its products are only of the best quality.