Tesla Files Trademark for its Own Audio Equipment, Showing Significant Product Expansion

Tesla Files Trademark for its Own Audio Equipment, Showing Significant Product Expansion

Tesla has filed a trademark application for its own audio equipment, showing a significant expansion of products. The application includes a list of various audio equipment and microphones.

On January 10, Tesla filed trademark applications for G&S microphones; headphones; earphones; digital audio players; sound transmitting apparatus; audio speakers; subwoofers; earpads for headphones; audio interfaces; audio equalizer apparatus; horns for loudspeakers and megaphones. The first application was submitted for the placement of the branded letter "T", the second for the placement of the "TESLA" branded logo. Both applications are pending.

Considering that Tesla designs and develops a lot of hardware for its products in-house, it makes a lot of sense for the company to expand in different directions. So, Tesla develops high-quality audio equipment, which is a matter of pride for the company. The manufacturer repeatedly receives the best reviews for their quality, which brought listening to music in the car to a whole new level.

Elon Musk is familiar to all of us not only for his engineering talent and the fact that he is the CEO of a few successful companies, but also for being a music lover. He even recorded two tracks himself, which only emphasizes his creativity and connection to music. As a true music lover, he appreciates quality sound, which is why Tesla cars are equipped with an outstanding audio system.

In 2019, Co-founder and Editor of CarAdvice.com Paul Maric tweeted that the sound system in Model 3 is the best ever tested fitted to a car. He wrote that Tesla's audio system is even better than the Bang & Olufsen audio system, which can be installed in the Audi R8 for an additional $12,000. Yet Tesla's standard Model 3 audio system still sounds better.

Musk himself wrote that Tesla's team consists of the best audio engineers who came from B&O and many other companies. Additionally, Tesla's audio system is highly programmable, which is why the company is constantly improving it via OTA codec updates. That is why the start of the production of various audio equipment for sale is a logical and fully justified step that will expand Tesla's influence into several more sectors.

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