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Tesla Giga Berlin Starts To Flat Foundation In The Construction Site

Tesla Giga Berlin Starts To Flat Foundation In The Construction Site

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In the North of the construction site in Grünheide (Oder-Spree), the Californian manufacturer Tesla is now pouring a first base plate for its planned factory. It is part of the so-called flat foundation, which does not reach the groundwater.

Tesla is allowed to build this within the framework of an early approval. If the entire project is not approved, Tesla must dismantle it at its own expense.

Source: @Gf4Tesla / Twitter

In other sections of the factory, the foundation will likely have to be supported with underground piles that extend into the groundwater. Tesla is currently testing such piles on the construction site. The construction of this section has not yet been approved. In the next two weeks, Tesla wants to submit corresponding approval documents to the State Environment Agency, the State Environment Ministry said on Wednesday.

Several regional newspapers also reported on Thursday that Tesla was ready to answer parliamentarians' questions in the Brandenburg Environment and Economic Committee.

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