Tesla Model 3 Films Carjacking Attempt at Gunpoint, & Quick Acceleration May Have Been Lifesaving

Tesla Model 3 Films Carjacking Attempt at Gunpoint, & Quick Acceleration May Have Been Lifesaving

Photo: Draper Younce

A Tesla vehicle again comes to the aid of the police to assist in the investigation of an armed attack in an attempted carjacking. The Tesla Model 3 driver managed to escape by accelerating quickly away from the criminal who shot at him. Fortunately, the shooter narrowly missed.

The attempt at carjacking with use of firearm was filmed by the Tesla. Draper Younce, a Navy sailor, was sitting in his parked Model 3, waiting for his friend. Suddenly, sneaking up behind, a criminal approached him. He aimed a gun at Younce and ordered him to get out of the car, saying that he is hijacking his Model 3: "Get out of the car, get out of the car, I am taking your car." It was a truly scary scene.

However, being a 15-year Navy sailor and having completed military training, Younce did not let emotions prevail over common sense. He ducked farther away from the window and pressed the acceleration pedal, turning sharply to the right. "I saw my opportunity to escape, and I ducked to the right. I accelerated as hard as I could," Younce said. As soon as the criminal realized what was happening, he shot at the car, aiming at the driver. Fortunately, Younce was not hit by the bullet, though the car was damaged.

All Tesla cars are equipped with eight cameras that record what is happening around the car. After driving away from the scene, Younce honked to save the video that had just been filmed to send it to the police later. Pressing the honk to instantly save the video, which can be customized for your vehicle, is another handy feature in Tesla's cars. The ability to accelerate quickly is also a major feature in Tesla vehicles, which in some instances of driving, can be considered a safety feature; in this unusual case, it may have helped save the driver's life.

At the moment, all video materials have been transferred to the police and an investigation has begun, which will probably end successfully, thanks to the crime scene tape obtained from the car.

Source: Action News Jax

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