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Tesla Giga Berlin May Receive Final Environmental Permit in Coming Weeks, with Production Starting Mid-2021

Tesla Giga Berlin May Receive Final Environmental Permit in Coming Weeks, with Production Starting Mid-2021

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Tesla Giga Berlin may receive a final environmental permit in the coming weeks, which would allow starting mass production at the factory in mid-2021. At the moment, the company can complete the construction of buildings, install equipment, and test some production processes.

Tesla's factory in Germany was faced with unforeseen events, such as public hearings that lasted longer than originally expected, taking an extended period of time processing all the issues discussed there. However, it seems that the Californian manufacturer's ambitious schedule will not be hurt by this.

Tesla said production start dates remain unchanged and production lines will be launched as early as spring 2021 to carry out the first tests, Forococheselectricos reports.

The final environmental permit for the plant, to be issued by the state of Brandenburg, has yet to be signed, but this is expected to happen in late March or early April. However, Tesla already has all the necessary permits in order to not only complete the construction, but also begin the operational reliability test, including the casting and pressing of sample workpieces.

At the moment, according to documents provided by the state, two preliminary approvals are still pending. According to the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment, the request from the beginning of February concerns the removal of the topsoil and its leveling. Another request from the end of February concerns the construction of power lines.

Tesla's courage in building a factory only with prior approvals has borne fruit. In just 10 months since the foundation was laid, the shell of Giga Berlin is almost completely done and a lot of equipment has already been installed. In just a few months, mass production of the German-made Model Y will begin, opening up new opportunities for Tesla and moving the company even closer to achieving its core goal of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy.

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