Tesla Focuses on Getting FSD for HW3 Working Super Well & Internationally; Development for HW4 in 6 Months

Tesla Focuses on Getting FSD for HW3 Working Super Well & Internationally; Development for HW4 in 6 Months

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Tesla is focusing on getting FSD on HW3 working super well and internationally, said Elon Musk. Until this is achieved, development for HW4 will be delayed. According to him, FSD for cars equipped with HW4 will occur somewhere within six months.

Tesla continues to work hard to bring Full Self-Driving (FSD) to its vehicles. Recently, Elon Musk demonstrated live the capabilities of FSD Beta V12, which is still in development, during a 45-minute ride. The new version of the software runs on artificial intelligence. This means the team does not write lines of code for commands to be executed by the car under certain conditions. Instead, cars are “taught” by video demonstrations of how to drive, and then they “make decisions” on how to drive in a given situation based on that “knowledge.”

According to Musk's recent post on X, for now, Tesla's focus is on achieving FSD for vehicles equipped with hardware 3 (HW3). This means all the team's efforts are focused on making the software work “super well.” In addition, Musk mentioned that the company is making sure it works perfectly not only in the US but also internationally. This announcement gives a lot of hope that in the coming months, we will be able to see the release of FSD Beta in various markets around the world.

However, this also means that owners of HW4-equipped vehicles will have to wait. At the moment, Tesla has already begun production of electric vehicles equipped with new equipment. These include Model S and Model X, as well as Model Y for North America. The upcoming Model 3 Highland, which is expected to start deliveries next month, will also feature HW4. The same applies to Cybertruck.

HW4 is equipped with the best cameras, providing clearer and more realistic color images. However, the new equipment has a temporary drawback. Tesla has not yet adapted its FSD software for it. This means that the functions of this software are not available on vehicles equipped with HW4. According to Musk, this should change in about six months—that is, at the beginning of 2024.

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