Ford Fails To Copy Tesla’s Online Ordering Process For The Mach-E


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Ford’s FAQs page for the Mustang Mach-E’s online orders reveals that the OEM isn’t quite ready to let go of its old ways. With its Mustang Mach-E, Ford appeared to embrace the new age of the auto industry. The legacy automaker may have taken some notes from Tesla when releasing the Mach-E, but it still has a long way to go before actually matching up to the EV automaker.

Redditor u/QuitYoJibbaJabba decided to fill out an online order request for the Ford Mach-E for “giggles,” but some facts about the OEMs online order process immediately put a stop to all the fun. While going through the FAQ page, the redditor found two answers to questions that seemed a little off.

The first answer defined Ford’s online orders. According to Ford, an online order “sends your vehicle configuration to your selected Dealer who will then process your order request. By submitting an order and completing the Order Process, you are not purchasing a vehicle. Ordering does not guarantee your vehicle delivery. Your order does not guarantee a set-price for the vehicle.”

Based on Ford’s definition, online orders aren’t actually reservations for the Mustang Mach-E. It’s more of a request for a dealer—of the customer’s choice—to order the vehicle, which may be a complicated way of handling reservations. Furthermore, that request for a dealer to actually submit an order on behalf of the customer does not guarantee an actual vehicle.

Went to build and price the Mach E for shits and giggles...turns out the ordering process is ridiculous. from r/electricvehicles

The second FAQ that piqued the curiosity of the redditor had to do with Ford’s Dealer Deposit. According to the OEM, it was a “deposit your Dealer will receive to process your order. Your Dealer Deposit will be applied towards the purchase price of the vehicle. By paying a Dealer Deposit, you are agreeing to the Dealer’s selling price for your selected vehicle.”

One Mach-E reservation holders noted in a forum that his dealer tried to mark up the price of his vehicle US$15,000 over Ford’s MSRP. While the issue was eventually resolved that single order, Ford dealerships still ultimately decide the price of the Mach-E.

So anyone seeking to order the vehicle should still shop around and maybe contact dealerships to find the right price. Even if potential Mach-E reservation holders can’t control how much dealers mark up its price, they can decide which dealers to order form by contacting them before placing the online order via Ford’s page. However, it does complicate the ordering process.


In contrast, Tesla reservation holders can order a vehicle directly from the company, eliminating the middle man and his marked-up prices. Tesla’s unwavering stance on the price of its vehicles streamlines the ordering process, making it a little less complicated for potential customers.

During the unveiling of the Mach-E, Ford seemed like it transformed itself into a high-tech, forward-thinking automaker. The legacy automaker displayed how much work and thought it put into the technology of its EV Mustang crossover. By keeping dealerships in the loop, Ford revealed that it isn’t ready to fully commit to Tesla’s way of handling reservations.

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