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Tesla Fremont Factory To Welcome Workers Back By April 29


Tesla Fremont factory workers were asked to report to the California-based facility on April 29. The news hints that Tesla may resume operations earlier than expected. Tesla Fremont factory was slated to reopen by May 4. 

Bloomberg was privy to the messages sent out to Tesla Fremont factory workers. According to the news outlet, some Fremont supervisors asked their workers to reply to their message and confirm whether or not they would be reporting to work on April 29. The messages were sent to employees in charge of paint and stamping operations at Fremont.

Initially, Tesla planned to resume work by May 4, a day after the San Francisco Bay area’s stay-at-home orders were expected to end. However, stay-at-home orders have since been extended. 

Fremont factory shut down operations in late March to comply with an Alameda County order for non-essential businesses. Some may be wondering how Fremont factory could open even though stay-at-home orders in the area have been extended. The answer lies in a set of new guidelines for essential workers from an agency under the US Department of Homeland Security. 

According to a previous Tesmanian report, Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) deemed specific auto employees as essential and therefore allowed to return to work. The employees Fremont factory supervisors asked to report to work may be included in CISA’s list of essential auto workers as they are part of manufacturing. 

It must be noted, however, that operations could still start on May 4 since the paint and stamping workers were only asked to report to Fremont factory and not to resume work. Tesla may be preparing to resume operations on May 4 by discussing some safety measures employees must follow, given the current pandemic. 

Also, April 29 happens to be the day of Tesla’s Q1 2020 Earnings Call. Elon Musk and other Tesla executives will have plenty to discuss during the next earnings call, including when Fremont factory will resume operations and when Model Y production can start again. Model Y will play a crucial role in Tesla’s future as a major automaker because it is the company’s entry into one of the fastest-growing auto markets in the world, the SUV crossover segment. 

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