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Tesla Fremont Factory On Track Towards Full Production Capacity

Tesla Fremont Factory On Track Towards Full Production Capacity

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Tesla Fremont factory has fully resumed production. Now on the company's website, the delivery time of the ordered car is the same as it was before the factory closed.

In connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, Tesla was forced to cease operations in its factories in the United States. Even after manufacturers in California were allowed to gradually resume operations, Alameda County, where one of the company factories is located, did not allow the automaker to return to work.

This led to increased tension for both Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Alameda County, as well as for people who could not return to work. Fortunately, at the moment the situation has become more peaceful, which allowed the automaker to return to normal operation.

Alameda County has officially approved Tesla’s plan to reopen its Fremont factory under the state’s guidelines for safe operations amid the pandemic and the automaker has officially dropped its lawsuit.

Bay Area health officials eased shelter-in-place restrictions as a result of sustained progress in the containment of Covid-19. Therefore, the Bay Area guidelines permit manufacturers to resume normal operations, and ease restrictions for retail, warehousing and other industries assuming all required safety precautions can be followed.

According to an internal letter, employees are now officially allowed to return to work. But, In this situation, Tesla slightly changed its Attendance Policy for Fremont Factory.

As the facts show, Tesla copes well with work in these conditions. As soon as possible, the Fremont factory fully resumed production and returned to the indicators that were achieved before it was forced to close.

Tesla enthusiast @ray4tesla, made an interesting note. May 16, a week after the work at the factory in Fremont was resumed, he tried to make an order on the company's website. The information said that he would be able to receive the car ordered on May 16 only in 5-7 weeks.

Today Ray tried again to order a car and the information on the website showed that the car could be delivered in 4-6 weeks.

In two weeks, the company was able to mobilize, enter the mainstream and continue working at full capacity. At the moment, anyone can order a car and get it as quickly as one could get it before the plant was closed. Tesla demonstrates high professionalism and the desire to meet growing demand.

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