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Tesla Fremont Factory Can Finally Reopen...Next Week, Says Alameda County

Tesla Fremont Factory Can Finally Reopen...Next Week, Says Alameda County

Tesla Fremont factory finally received the green light to reopen in an Alameda County C19 Health Emergency Press Release. The statement issued by the Country revealed that it had been waiting for Tesla's Prevention and Control Plan, otherwise known as the company's Return to Work Playbook. 

"We received Tesla's site-specific Fremont [C19] Prevention and Control Plan yesterday as anticipated. A site-specific plan is part of the Governor's guidance for reopening manufacturing," the press release read. They also revealed that after receiving the plans, Alameda County talked to Tesla representatives in "productive discussions." 

"If Tesla's Preventative and Control Plan includes these updates, and the public health indicators remain stable or improve, we have agreed that Tesla can begin to augment their Minimum Business Operations this week in preparation for possible reopening as soon as next week," the County's representatives wrote. 

Tesla released its Return to Work Playbook after Alameda County told reporters that the company could not resume operations because of an unfulfilled requirement that was yet to be revealed. The Playbook contains the extensive measures Tesla has taken to keep employees safe in its other Gigafactories and will be taking in its facility at Fremont.

Based on its recent Emergency Press Release, Alameda County seems to be implying that it was waiting for Tesla's Prevention and Control Plan before allowing the Fremont factory to reopen. Alameda County's ambiguous actions and statements towards the Fremont factory's reopening has resulted in Tesla filing a lawsuit against it.

The lawsuit drew attention from prominent figures in the United States, most of whom sided with Tesla. Yesterday, US President Donald Trump urged California to let Tesla reopen the Fremont factory. "California should let Tesla & @elonmusk open the plant, NOW. It can be done Fast & Safely!" he tweeted. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the Mayors of the Cities of Fremont and Palo Alto, have also shown support for Tesla's reopening. 

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbot has appealed to Elon Musk, trying to persuade Tesla's CEO to move the company's main factory to his state. Even without the current struggle with Alameda County, however, Gigafactory Texas may still be possible. 

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