Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 Rolls Out Friday Midnight to ~1000 Owners with Perfect 100/100 Safety Scores

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 07, 2021

Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 Rolls Out Friday Midnight to ~1000 Owners with Perfect 100/100 Safety Scores

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Tesla will begin rolling out FSD Beta 10.2 at midnight Friday to around 1,000 owners who have received perfect safety scores. If testing is successful, the company will begin a gradual rollout to those with a safety score of 99 or below.

Tesla owners have been waiting for the widespread deployment of FSD Beta for several months and will soon receive it. The new version, 10.2, will be released at midnight on October 8. This time, in addition to those who have already been testing FSD Beta for some time, about 1,000 more owners will have access to the update, whose safety score is 100 out of 100.

On September 25, Tesla launched Safety Score Beta, which tracks the driving style of each owner who has requested install of the new software. This is to ensure that only those drivers who are very careful while driving and who can intervene immediately if necessary to avoid accidents have access to testing.

Starting Friday, the rollout will take place over several days to see how things go among users with 100/100 safety scores. If all goes well, then according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, FSD Beta will gradually be rolled out to owners with 99 points and below.

Musk also wrote that there will definitely be further improvements to Safety Score Beta in the future. The software will be constantly refined until it becomes a very good predictor of the likelihood of an accident. The head of the company is very excited about this development and wrote that it is an "Exciting actuarial problem!"

It should be kept in mind that, at the moment, FSD Beta 10.2 will only be distributed to US Tesla owners. Musk also made a note that the quality of the testers' experience can vary greatly, as neural networks have different amounts of training data from different regions of the country. However, the faster FSD Beta spreads, the faster the NN will get larger swaths of data and can improve.

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