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Tesla FSD Beta: Auto Folding Mirrors When Operating on Tight Roads

Tesla FSD Beta: Auto Folding Mirrors When Operating on Tight Roads

While driving, when a car finds itself in a tight lane between a concrete road partition and a large truck, not only a beginner but also an experienced driver can feel uncomfortable. One careless movement can lead to an accident. In such a situation, every additional inch can be very important. The Tesla Autopilot team understands this, and has thought through these situations, implementing solutions through driver assistance systems that are built to prevent accidents and save lives.

Whole Mars Catalog/YouTube—one of the Tesla owners who has gained access to FSD Beta—has released a video that demonstrates that Tesla cars with the rewritten Autopilot are able to move even in the most difficult situations. The video shows how his car, with activated FSD Beta, moves along a narrow section of the road with a bend. On the left side, we see a concrete road partition, and a large truck is moving in the right lane.

At that moment, when the FSD identified that the section of the road had become very narrow, it folded the side mirrors of the car in order to leave extra space and drive safely. As soon as the car left the danger zone, the side mirrors were opened.

@kimpaquette/Twitter is also one of those owners who got access to FSD Beta. When her car was on a very tight road, the car's mirrors automatically folded down to avoid touching the car parked on the side of the road.

These two videos demonstrate that Tesla cars are ready to face various and sometimes nuanced traffic situations and deal with them safely. The more real data from Tesla's fleet is collected, the closer to perfect it will become—and the faster the company's cars will reach Level 5 autonomy.

The ability of FSD to cope with difficult situations is critical, because it is in such situations, most often, that human-drivers get into accidents. If FSD proves its ability to easily negotiate the most challenging road situations, then more it will win over customers’ and the broader public’s confidence.

Tesla has developed the most advanced and versatile active driver assistance systems to date, which require minimal driver intervention, in the real world, and on any road. Every day, Tesla FSD is improving, bringing us ever closer to fully autonomous driving.

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