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Tesla FSD Beta Perfectly Handles Unprotected Turn in Downtown SF with Major Obstruction

Tesla FSD Beta Perfectly Handles Unprotected Turn in Downtown SF with Major Obstruction

Image: AI DRIVR/YouTube

Tesla FSD Beta continues to prove its reliability. The newest technology allowed a Tesla car to independently make an unprotected turn in downtown San Francisco with obstruction from a truck, which would have caused difficulty even for an experienced driver.

There is a lot of controversies when it comes to Tesla's FSD Beta technology. On the one hand, this is a new technology that has not yet been fully developed and must go through deep and extensive testing by responsible drivers. On the other hand, this is the technology of the future, which will ultimately allow cars to be fully autonomous, and do not require a human driver to drive. Be that as it may, this issue will cause controversy for a long time to come. However, the facts and real-life experience of drivers with FSD Beta can help clarify concerns.

AI DRIVR/YouTube via @SavedTesla/Twitter shared a recent video of FSD Beta in testing. In addition to the many situations where the technology has done well, much attention has been drawn to the ability of FSD Beta to drive perfectly in an unprotected turn situation in downtown San Francisco—with obstruction from a truck.

This situation in and of itself is quite difficult for a human driver. An unprotected turn requires increased attention and dexterity for safe maneuverability, and so as not to create additional problems. However, a truck that completely obstructs the view of oncoming traffic for a Tesla driver (or any other vehicle in a similar situation) complicates the situation significantly. This situation is a serious irritant and can have a negative impact on the emotional state of the driver, forcing him/her to make a risky maneuver.

However, FSD Beta is a technology that cannot be emotionally influenced. The vehicle's cameras capture images from multiple angles, creating an overall picture that is much wider than the driver can get. This enables the system to adequately assess the situation on the road and act in accordance with all the rules in order to safely make a turn. The footage from this video perfectly demonstrates the superiority of this technology over the ability of a human driver, and proves that Tesla will soon be able to deliver Level 5 autonomy to the market.

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