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Tesla FSD Beta V10 Release Delayed a Week, But Wider Release Could Come Early

Tesla FSD Beta V10 Release Delayed a Week, But Wider Release Could Come Early

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The release of Tesla FSD Beta V10 is delayed by one week to finalize all the details. However, a more wide release with the FSD Beta "button" may appear earlier than Elon Musk announced last week. 

Tesla was preparing to release the FSD Beta V10 on September 3, but today announced that it was slightly delayed. On September 2, the CEO of the company Elon Musk tweeted that the release of the new version of the software will be on Friday, September 10. He explained that the first thing the team needs to do is make sure the update works well and is safe for testers to use.

The popularity of FSD Beta continues to grow, and more owners are striving to become beta testers. With each new version, the software continues to improve, which means that the company also gradually increases the number of program participants. After announcing the opening of the possibility to get FSD Beta, Tesla received many requests and decided to optimize the process by adding a "Download Beta" button directly to the car display.

However, the company must ensure that the system is working properly before making FSD Beta publicly available. This is why the technology undergoes extensive testing, bug fixing, and improvement. It is difficult to predict when FSD Beta will become available to the general public, but Musk again tried to give a rough estimate.

Last week, Musk suggested that the FSD Beta request button would appear with new software about four weeks after the release of V10 on September 3. However, according to the new forecast, this may happen even earlier. After the tweet with the update of information about V10, Musk wrote that the estimated time for the appearance of the "button" is two weeks after that. Thus, the possible date has shifted from October 1 to September 24. This time, the head of the company sounded more convincing, so it seemed that he was more confident in the release date of FSD Beta V10.1 and the "button," respectively.

The V10 update will be more voluminous than the previous ones. It will have completely retrained neural networks (NN), which means the company is going to do a really huge piece of work. Regardless of whether Tesla makes it on time or not, the most important thing is that the company focuses not only on functionality but also on safety. Achieving this criteria is often a delaying factor.

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