Tesla FSD Beta V9.0 Release & FSD Subscription Coming in a Few Weeks Says Elon Musk

Tesla FSD Beta V9.0 Release & FSD Subscription Coming in a Few Weeks Says Elon Musk

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Elon Musk has updated the release schedule for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta V9 software update and FSD Subscription, which are the most anticipated in 2021. Following Tesla's launch of Pure Vision Autopilot in North America, the following updates should be enabled within the next few weeks. 

While many criticize Tesla for the fact that the company cannot release announced updates and additions to the software according to the stated deadlines, they do not understand one obvious thing: creating what the company aspires to is a very difficult task in itself, and no one never did anything like it. Tesla's team develops all these functions from scratch, and it is the lack of any information and experience that makes it difficult to set any deadlines as such and strictly follow even those that were set even approximately.

Despite some delays, Tesla is constantly and relentlessly seeking and achieving its goals, and the company has now announced that it has achieved Pure Vision Autopilot, which has already begun rolling out in North America. This means that now, for Autopilot to work, vehicles only need cameras, and radar will no longer be installed in them.

However, this is not all the interesting information that Tesla wanted to share. On May 25, the CEO of the company Elon Musk announced that within two weeks there will be an update of the Pure Vision Autopilot production release, one week after which the FSD Beta V9 update will be released, which will also work on Pure Vision. This should be a giant improvement over the V8 currently being tested in the real world.

FSD Subscription will be activated around this time, which should open up great opportunities for many Tesla owners or renters. At the moment, the company has not provided any details regarding payment and available subscription timelines. However, one thing is clear: it will surely be a frequently purchased service that will not only benefit the drivers, but also generate a great deal of profit for the company.

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