Tesla FSD Could Lead to Huge App Store & In-Car Gaming Is Just the Beginning

Tesla FSD Could Lead to Huge App Store & In-Car Gaming Is Just the Beginning

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The future will belong to autonomous vehicles, and human participation in driving will no longer be necessary. Thanks to this, people will have additional time, which can be spent in various ways, from the usual enjoyment of the views to full immersion in the world of online entertainment. It looks like it will soon be possible in Tesla with the Tesla App Store.

Tesla's Autopilot team has been working on the creation of Full Self-Driving (FSD) with Level 5 autonomy for several years now, and with the release of FSB Beta, it seems that the company is getting very close. Testers' feedback indicates that their cars can already cover long distances, with difficult sections, without driver intervention. However, there is, of course, a series of updates and improvements to be made that will take autonomous capability to a whole new level.

The achievement of Level 5 driving autonomy will free up countless hours; people will need and want to be occupied with something, and the company intends to offer its customers a full range of online entertainment.

Here, fun games come to the fore, as an option for spending your autonomous driving time. All Teslas already have games to play, but which are only accessible in Parking Mode. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently teased followers with the announcement that a multiplayer online version of The Battle of Polytopia will soon appear in cars. This statement makes us think about what real opportunities for gamers (and not only) will be available in the car in the future. And Musk himself asks this question to his followers.

It seems Tesla is actively engaged in filling its cars with all the necessary functionality to provide the best entertainment. In mid-August, Tesla recruited for several positions to improve the car's infotainment system: Software Engineer, Mobile, Rendering Engineer, Software Infotainment, Software Engineer, Vehicle User Interface (C), Video Games Engineer, and Infotainment Software. All vacancies only confirm Tesla's lazer focus on providing its customers with high-quality entertainment services.

And now, it seems that Tesla intends to create its own App Store. @6463dc/Twitter discovered that the company already has subdomain websites dedicated to it. If you go to the sites, you will see that authentication already built-in, although at the moment, you will not be able to log in. There you can also see that it is Version 2020.12.6674. The numbers seem to suggest that this version was created in December 2020.

Musk's latest comments and recently revealed information hint that a Tesla App Store with online games could soon become a reality.

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