Tesla TSLA Q4 2020 Is Producing ‘Extremely Solid’ Cars in ‘Blockbuster’ Quarter, Says Global Equities Research

Tesla TSLA Q4 2020 Is Producing ‘Extremely Solid’ Cars in ‘Blockbuster’ Quarter, Says Global Equities Research

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Tesla is doing an excellent job of producing cars in Q4 2020, as evidenced by inspection, and cars rolling off the assembly line are "extremely solid," said Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry.

On December 26th, a day after Christmas, Chowdhry carried out a factory inspection, which has given the analyst confidence that Tesla will achieve incredible performance in Q4 2020. He wrote that he is 100% sure that Q4 will be a "blockbuster" for the company.

Despite the fact that the inspection took place the day after Christmas, it showed that the factory was operating as usual, and the activity of employees on Saturday was "extremely solid.” This is an excellent indicator that Tesla is not slowing down, and strives to achieve the set production goal of 500,000 vehicles by the end of the year.

In addition, this check showed that the quality of the manufactured products is also "extremely solid," which is a very important indicator. While Tesla aims to produce as many cars as possible by the end of the quarter, it does so through consistent and hard work rather than degrading the quality of the cars it makes. The produced cars are of consistently high quality.

Overall, Chowdhry said Tesla is an industry in itself, and Q4 2020 will be a "game changer."

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