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Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai Gears Up To Deliver MIC Model 3


Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai seems to be gearing up for a massive MIC Model 3 delivery. Footage from Giga 3 from Tesla enthusiast Jay in Shanghai revealed that Tesla’s Shanghai branch has picked up right where it left off before the holidays and the short break due to the coronavirus. 

Jay in Shanghai’s video reveals at least four car carriers filled with MIC Model 3 vehicles produced in Giga Shanghai. The first two car carrier trailers were already hooked up to a truck ready for shipment at a moment’s notice. Another two trailers filled with MIC Model 3s can be seen at the side, ready to be rigged to a truck for deployment as well. 

The first time car carriers filled with MIC Model 3 vehicles were seen, the locally-made Tesla sedans were being transported to delivery centers in China. The first sightings of MIC Model 3s in car carriers occurred before Tesla China’s fun delivery event when Elon Musk graced the world with his impressive dancing skills. 

After the successful MIC Model 3 delivery event with Elon Musk, Tesla China started rolling out deliveries to the rest of China. The locally-produced Model 3 Standard Range Plus started gaining popularity in the Chinese auto market because of its affordable price, thanks to subsidies and tax exemption from the national government. 

In late January 2020, Giga Shanghai and Tesla China employees took a well-deserved break for Chinese New Year. The holidays were extended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Giga Shanghai temporarily remained closed under that advisement of the national Chinese government. 

Just this week, on February 10, Giga 3 continued its operations and, based on Jay in Shanghai’s video, picked up right where it left off. Based on a previous Tesmanian report, Tesla China announced that it planned a mass delivery of the Made-in-China Model 3 in the near future, right after it reopened its doors. Jay in Shanghai’s video, proved that Tesla China wasn’t kidding. Tesla stores in China will resume February 17, which may be when the car carriers filled with MIC Model 3 vehicles will be deployed as well.

Featured Image Credit: @JayinShanghai/Twitter

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