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Tesla Giga Texas Takes Delivery of STØTEK Aluminum Melting Furnace for Giga Press, Production Nears

Tesla Giga Texas Takes Delivery of STØTEK Aluminum Melting Furnace for Giga Press, Production Nears

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A few weeks ago, the installation of the Giga Press began at Giga Texas, and the progress is impressive. Parts for assembling the giant machine, which will help Tesla to revolutionize the automotive industry, continue to arrive at the construction site. And now, just a few days ago, an aluminum melting furnace was delivered.

As footage from Jeff Roberts/YouTube shows, Tesla has already installed most of the Giga Press equipment and appears to be in its final stages. Of course, there is some work to be done, but nevertheless, it will be done quickly. It looks like the trial use of the revolutionary machine will begin in March.

If we compare the installation process of the Giga Press at the Fremont plant, there, it took about two months from the start of assembly to the time when the first samples of single-piece castings were noticed. Installation of the giant machine at Giga Texas began around January 22, so there is every reason to believe that trial production will begin in March. Considering that Tesla already has experience in assembling two Giga Presses in Fremont, the speed of installation and setup of the machine may be faster than before.

On February 13, Jeff Roberts noticed an interesting delivery at Giga Texas. A truck with a trailer delivered a massive machine to the Casting Shop, which generated a lot of interest. After the community searched for information, it was discovered to be an aluminum melting furnace. @Gf4Tesla/Twitter found a similar machine made by STØTEK. After a detailed study of the video and image of the machine from Giga Texas, @AustinTeslaClub/Twitter noticed the inscription on it. It turned out that this machine was also manufactured by STØTEK. And although all the letters on the inscription cannot be seen, the first four letters and the writing style are visible, which fully corresponds to how the inscription appears on other machines of the company.

Source: fiss-machines

Since the assembly of the Giga Press will be completed shortly, it may begin to set up and manufacture test samples, although it is worth noting that they will not be used for the production of Model Ys. According to Tesla's plans, the construction of the outer shell of Giga Texas should be completed in May, which is likely to happen. The speed of construction of the American factory continues to be impressive, and it seems that production there could even begin earlier than at Giga Berlin.

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